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The burden of flexibility and choice can be heavy to those students in higher education that desire a truly sophisticated decision. Plangeist is a platform to aid students in not just planning their studies, but also to find satisfaction in their achievements.


We believe too much information is being cascaded between generations, a single grade is not tangible enough and there should be a reward for helping classmates, instead of fearing grade distributions. Grading transparency meets the need of achievers to feel treated fair and just.


Plangeist is currently an independent student driven initiative at the University of Cologne, WISO Faculty (Business School) aiming to stop a further movement of hiding and cascading overall exam outcomes.

In a grade-centric course of study, transparent grade-distributions of past and future courses are a minimum requirement to enable personal performance reflection, create fair-grading acceptance and to allow a feel of reward in satisfaction, motivating not only high achievers.

For more information about our effort at the University of Cologne, visit (german)